12 Sets YANMAR Generators Delivered To Australia

On January 16, 2024 — GENLITEC POWER® is delighted to announce the successful delivery of 12 sets YANMAR generator sets to a prominent player in the renewable energy and energy storage sector in Australia. These generator sets will serve as backup power solutions for the client's operations.

The GENLITEC POWER® GYM Series YANMAR generator sets, incorporating advanced technology, are designed to meet the client's demand for efficient and sustainable energy solutions. GENLITEC POWER® has been committed to providing innovative power solutions globally, and this collaboration further solidifies the company's leadership in emerging markets.

The Australian client, focusing on new energy and energy storage business, will deploy these generator sets at critical facilities to ensure reliable backup power. The President of GENLITEC POWER® stated, "We are proud to support our Australian client in their efforts within the renewable energy sector. This delivery reflects our close partnership with YANMAR and GENLITEC's commitment to delivering high-quality energy solutions."

Renowned for their reliability, efficiency, and outstanding performance, YANMAR generator sets instil confidence in clients, ensuring a secure power supply during crucial moments. GENLITEC remains dedicated to providing innovative energy solutions globally, contributing to the sustainable development of the renewable energy industry.

Post time:Sep-25-2020

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