Australian Customers Come To Visit GENLITEC POWER

GENLITEC POWER recently welcomed a delegation from Australia, comprising esteemed clients from the local photovoltaic energy storage industry. The visit aimed to explore GENLITEC's production line and processes. Notably, the Australian client has previously sourced three batches of diesel generator sets from GENLITEC for backup power in photovoltaic energy storage systems.

During the visit, the Australian delegation expressed profound admiration for GENLITEC's products and manufacturing methodologies. They particularly focused on the design and production processes of the diesel generator sets, commending the quality and performance exhibited by these products. The delegation emphasized that GENLITEC's offerings perfectly align with their requirements for photovoltaic energy storage systems, indicating a strong inclination towards continued collaboration.

Furthermore, the Australian clients lauded GENLITEC's service standards and professionalism. They highlighted the punctuality of deliveries and the excellence of after-sales service, considering them as hallmarks of GENLITEC's reliability and dedication to customer satisfaction.

This visit not only strengthens the partnership between GENLITEC and its Australian clients but also underscores GENLITEC's prominence in the field of photovoltaic energy storage. As GENLITEC continues to innovate and enhance its offerings, it remains committed to providing top-quality products and services to drive advancements in the photovoltaic energy storage industry.

The management team at GENLITEC POWER expresses gratitude to all involved team members for their diligent efforts and support during this visit, anticipating further collaboration and mutual success in the future.

Post time:Sep-25-2020

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