Based on strong engineering technology solution capabilities, GENLITEC POWER® can provide customized solutions that are easy to install and use based on comprehensive factors such as customer needs and application scenarios, to meet the special requirements of a single market or project. In addition to customized power and lighting solutions, GENLITEC POWER® also provide users with necessary professional training services such as installation, operation and maintenance, so that customers can experience ubiquitous satisfaction and trustworthy caring feelings.

    Due to reliable product quality and extensive brand influence, GENLITEC POWER® products are highly trusted by customers at home and abroad, and has participated in the power supply of multiple large domestic and international projects, providing reliable power supply guarantee for the stable operation of the project.


    Perfect quality is the work goal we pursue, and the spirit of craftsmanship is the character and attitude we adhere to. GENLITEC POWER® regards quality as its life and integrates quality control throughout the entire process of product development, production, and after-sales service. In order to continuously pursue higher quality, we have established a scientific and rigorous enterprise management system and a comprehensive quality management system. At the same time, we actively implement the strategy of aligning with international standards and have passed ISO9001 quality system certification and CE certification.

    GENLITEC POWER® products comply with EC standards, including the following directives:

    • 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive / Annex VIII
    • 2014/30/EU Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive / Annex II
    • EN 12100:2010; EN ISO 8528-13:2016; EN 60204-1:2018
    • EN 6000-6-2:2019; EN61000-6-4:2019

    The GENLITEC POWER® global distributor and service network enables GENLITEC POWER® closer to the global market, able to respond quickly to customer needs, ensuring timely and effective service.


    GENLITEC POWER® choose to collaborate with outstanding partners in the field of engineering and manufacturing, such as Caterpillar, FG Wilson, Cummins, Perkins, Deutz, Doosan, Volvo, Stamford, and Leroy Somer, all of which have established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with the company.

    If necessary, please contact us through the following methods:
    Phone: +86-18650369077
    Email: marketing@genlitec.com