GENLTEC GLT1600L-8H Hydraulic LED Lighting Tower Introducing

GENLITEC POWER GLT1600L-8H hydraulic lifting mobile lighting tower is an engineering-grade professional equipment designed to provide reliable lighting solutions for complex outdoor environments such as mines, construction sites, and nighttime outdoor lighting.
Equipped with original Perkins, Kubota, or Yanmar water-cooled 3-cylinder diesel engines, it boasts excellent power performance and durability, delivering sustained power output of 6-8 kilowatts to meet various lighting and power needs. This power system has undergone rigorous testing and excels in extreme working conditions, ensuring long-term stable operation.

Moreover, the equipment's maximum lighting height reaches up to 8.5 meters, providing a broader lighting coverage area and higher visibility for workplaces. With 4 units high-brightness 400 watts LED lamps, featuring uniform light distribution and superior lighting effects, it ensures clarity and safety in work environments.

Post time:Sep-25-2020

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