Which is Better? LED Light Tower or Metal Halide Light Tower?

Metal halide or LED lamps are two lamp options when it comes to light towers. Metal halide lamps are cheaper to buy up front, but LED light towers are less costly to own over time as they require less power. Metal halide light towers are good for evenly lighting large sections of worksites.

In terms of durability, LED lights have better performance than metal halide lights, with an expected service life of over 30000 working hours. Therefore, for extreme environments or heavy usage, such as construction or mining, LED is the preferred choice as it can provide higher coverage, lower fuel consumption, and longer working hours. LED lights do not require time to cool down and can be turned on or off at any time. Meanwhile, with the development of LED technology, the cost of LED lights has been decreasing. This is also the reason for the increasing sales of LED lighting vehicles.


● Powerful Lighting Coverage

GENLITEC POWER® Tower Lights provide strong lighting over a wide area four times higher than tungsten-halogen bulbs. SMARTA tower lights can cover approximately 45,500m2 on a dark, twilight workplace.

● Low Noise

Noise pollution is an important consideration for workplaces situated near public areas or residential areas. Tower lights must meet noise standards. The GENLITEC POWER® mobile light towers with 88Lwa/65DBa are fully adapted to city center buildings or even to public festivals.

● Wide Range Application

GENLITEC POWER® mobile light towers aren’t for the building industry alone. In roadside maintenance, Outdoor training events, music festivals, and local events, also GENLITEC POWER® Mobile light towers are used.

● Fast Easy Setup

GENLITEC POWER® mobile towers are easy and easy to build – no special training or anything other than the step-by-step guide is required. With the quick set-up speed, large worksites save a significant amount of time. This enables you to get much faster into the actual work.

Post time:Sep-25-2020

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